People of the Lamb Once Slain

We are people of the Lamb once slain who lives forever. The lamb of God reigns over us. The lamb once slain give us hope in the midst of darkness. The lamb once slain reminds us that death does not have a final word, but that God does. Life triumphs over death in Jesus Christ. The lamb once slain is an image of the Christ who died and rose that we might do the same.

The image of the lamb once slain reminds us that our spirituality does not end on the cross, but that it leads us to eternal life, to life beyond death, to a place in the heavenly kingdom where we will stand with all the saints in glory.

As people who follow the lamb once slain, we are always people of hope. We do not despair, no matter how hopeless the situation might seem.

One of the oldest icons of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood is the image of the lamb once slain standing upon a book with seven ribbons, seven seals. The image comes from the book of Revelations and was meant to be a sign of hope to a persecuted people. The lamb once slain lives again.

Old Testament Images

The image of the lamb once slain who lives does not exist in the Hebrew Scriptures. The closest images I can think of are the scapegoat, the paschal lamb and the bronze serpent. So, I will share a few passages about them here.

New Testament Images

Gospel Images